Feeling Smaart – Acoustic Analysis by 608 Sound & Light

608 Sound and Light is proud to announce a new service offering: acoustical analysis and correction. Whether you operate a live music venue, a bar, a club, a house of worship, an auditorium, or any other type of establishment, 608 Sound and Light can help make your space sound better than ever.

Smaart v8 sound analysis room measurement transfer function

Working with Rational Acoustics Smaart V8 software.

608 Sound and Light just completed a multi-day, intense training program for Smaart V8 analysis software from Rational Acoustics. Smaart is the industry standard for measuring and evaluating room response – it quickly identifies problem areas and combined with our knowledge and experience, we can recommend various treatments to help maximize the sound quality of your environment.

608 sound light trussing production lighting live sound effects

Get the most from your performance with 608 Sound and Light

608 Sound and Light uses Smaart to measure every performance space that we work in. This ensures quality sound for every one in attendance. By utilizing Smaart V8, we can find “hot spots,” “nulls,” and everything in between. We also utilize Smaart to provide a comfortable experience for everyone in attendance. You’ll get quality sound without any harshness, shrillness, or boominess.

Give us a call or send an e-mail to see how 608 Sound and Light can maximize the performance of your venue or establishment!

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