Live Sound Production in Madison

If you’re looking for live sound production services in Madison, WI and you want the very best, contact us SOON. Our summer 2017 schedule for live sound and lighting production services is filling up FAST. The word is out – and apparently, people really like what we are doing.

Thank you so much for all of your support, references, and kind words! We truly appreciate our clients, fans, and supporters. We couldn’t (and wouldn’t) do what we do if not for you.

We continue to invest back into our business; our equipment and capabilities are second to none. You will *never* hear overly compressed, muddy, garbled, or limit-hitting sound at any of our shows. Vocals will be crystal clear, keyboards and guitars will cut through, and the bass will envelop and surround you.

Out lighting show will dazzle and impress just as much as our sound does. We have a ton of moving head lights, PARs, and LED bars.

And if you’re a festival organizer or event planner, you’re in luck! We have produced countless festivals and know how to efficiently and effectively manage your stage, performers, and production. You can count on us to make sure your events go off without a hitch.

With all of our new gear, we can easily provide seamless sound for audiences of up to 4,000 people outdoors. But if you’re thinking of hosting an event this summer, contact us SOON because we are almost fully booked!

608 Sound and Light will be happy to provide live sound and lighting production for your next event; but don’t delay! Contact Us now to ensure availability!!!

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