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608 Sound & Light is musician driven, and we know how important your performance is to both you and your audience. We pride ourselves in presenting your show in the best possible way. We know that without quality live sound production services, your performance won’t be fully appreciated.

We aren’t just sound engineers; many of our team members are dedicated musicians. We walk the talk and understand what it takes to help a group sound great. We’ll help you manage stage volume while ensuring both the audience and your bandmates can clearly hear you.

We will support you by providing the extras like DI boxes, stage power, and spare cables. Our goal is to help you perform without worrying about any of the technical or behind-the-scenes stuff. We’ve even been known to lend a hand with the band’s gear.

Our systems are robust and flexible and can support acts from big to small. Our digital mixing consoles can provide six unique monitor wedge mixes, so you’ll hear only what you want to hear while on stage. Does your group have IEM (in ear monitors)? Great! We can support up to sixteen unique IEM feeds*. Does your group require click or backing-track feeds? No problem.

When mixing your show, we have a nearly endless array of vocal and instruments effects options. Our systems boast more than 60 time-tested and legendary effects processors, and we can route them in any way you’d like. We have dozens of parametric EQs so we can help shape the sound to your exact needs. Our dbx DriveRack units limit the potential for annoying feedback squeals, no matter the scenario. And most importantly, we won’t blow away your audience with gut-busting levels of loudness (unless you want that). We keep volume levels enjoyable, while delivering plenty of energy and kick.

PA equipment is expensive and heavy, and if not properly set-up and operated, it can sound awful, no matter how much it cost or who manufactured it. Why bother with these headaches and expenses? 608 Sound & Light will be happy to provide your band with some of the very best sound equipment and operation – just give us a call when you’re booking your next show, and we’ll be there to help!

So, when you’re ready to book your next show, contact us. We want to help, and we want to be your first choice in live sound services.

Benefits of working with 608 Sound & Light:

  • No load-in or load-out of heavy PA equipment
  • No expenses related to owning and maintaining PA equipment
  • Proven, reliable, tour-grade gear for your next show
  • Sound engineers who have worked with international acts & Grammy winners
  • Friendly, professional staff that wants you to be happy & satisfied
  • Low cost, hassle-free service
  • Robust lighting options with LED PAR lights, moving heads, and effects available
  • Hire 608 Sound & Light only when needed (no ongoing expenses)

* IEM feeds require additional service fee and should be discussed with us prior to scheduling the show

Click Here to download our 2016-2017 Promotional Packet, complete with details about our live sound production services, client lists, equipment lists, and much more!

And…Be sure to visit our YouTube Video Channel for samples of our live sound production work!

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