Festivals & Live Sound Production

Everyone loves a great festival (or venue), and nothing makes things more fun than fantastic music (well, ok… great weather and good friends are also important). So, how many times have you been to an event where the music stage(s) are blaring away, making it impossible for people to socialize and enjoy the production and experience?

608 Sound & Light will work with you to understand the exact wants and needs for your festival or venue’s production so that your attendees, guests, and musical acts will enjoy their experience to the fullest.

Owners and operators of bars, clubs, small businesses, and festivals – when hosting your next event, relax and take the pressure off by hiring 608 Sound & Light to provide quality live sound services and live sound production. Our professional and talented crew will seamlessly deliver production services, no matter how big or small your event or venue may be. We have worked private venues that seat 30 people and have provided sound for outdoor festivals with 2500+ people in attendance. We can scale to your exact needs and are happy to do so.

608 Sound & Light takes the worry and headache out of dealing with obtaining or renting equipment, setting-it up, running it, and tearing it down. It’s what we do, it’s what we enjoy doing, and it’s all we do. By working with 608 Sound & Light, you and your staff are free to focus on the more important things, like ensuring customer and attendee satisfaction.

Because we feature digital signal processing, we don’t need to park a huge sound board in the middle of your event. We can sit nearly anywhere and provide quality sound, and most people will never see us. Think of the flexibility and convenience you’ll gain from not worrying about reserving 100-square-feet of space for a sound tent (or two).

Who should hire 608 Sound & Light and Why?

  • Bars, Clubs, Theaters, Seasonal Festivals, Race Day Events, Private Parties
  • We provide tour-grade, top quality equipment
  • Reliable, redundant systems ensure seamless performance all day and night
  • Robust lighting systems with multiple configuration options
  • Talented, experienced engineers will deliver exactly what you need
  • No expenses associated with installing, maintaining, and operating expensive PA gear
  • We load-in and load-out quickly
  • We are friendly, courteous, and professional
  • We are available on short notice and are extremely easy to work with
  • We offer nearly limitless flexibility and capability
  • We can provide sound and lighting for any type of venue or event – big or small – public or private
  • Our rates are extremely competitive – call and chat with us!
  • We handle every aspect of your event – live sound and live sound production

Discover why AtwoodFest-Kidsfest, Next Door Brewing Company, Wisconsin Brewing Company, and others trust us to provide sound for their important events. If you are hosting a festival or you own or operate a bar, a club, a dance hall, or any type of venue contact us when you need the very best in live sound production services. It doesn’t matter how big or small the event or venue – we’re here to help and we’ll make sure you and your guests enjoy the experience.

Click Here to download our 2016-2017 Promotional Packet, complete with details about our services, client lists, equipment lists, and much more!

And…Be sure to visit our YouTube Video Channel for samples of our live sound production work!

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