608 Sound & Light features tour grade, professional quality equipment, with an emphasis on digital technology with audiophile clarity.

Digital technology allows us to provide nearly limitless flexibility and options for your band, event, or venue while requiring less floorspace and electricity than conventional sound service providers. There’s no need to worry about having a massive stage with huge power supplies – we are efficient while delivering powerful, clean, clear sound for everyone.

Our equipment has been carefully selected and tested and is proven to perform exceptionally in almost any venue and in almost any condition.

You won’t find any plastic, self-powered, consumer-grade equipment in our arsenal. We use professional, tour-grade equipment that delivers bulletproof performance, show after show. Take a look at the main pieces of our primary system, below.

Our prices are affordable and our service is impeccable, plain and simple. We will work with you to give you exactly what you want, when you want it, where you want it, and how you want it. And we’ll do it seamlessly, effortlessly and at a very reasonable and attractive price.

Front Of House
Allen & Heath C3500 console (24 faders)
Allen & Heath dLive CDM32 mix rack (32 inputs, 16 outputs)
Lake LM44 speaker processing system
Behringer X32 Rack (24 balanced/line inputs, 6 aux sends, Ultranet IEM, stereo FOH)
DBX DriveRack VENU360 digital speaker management system
Whirlwind sub snakes for stage management
EWI/Neutrik sub snakes for stage management
Apple Airport wireless networking
Apple iPad Pro mixing console
Microsoft Surface Pro
SurgeX dual conversion UPS
CyberPower UPS and Netgear switches
Rational Acoustics Smaart V8

FOH speakers and amplifiers
JTR Captivator C212Pro subwoofer cabinets (for FOH or drum monitors); 137dB sustained output
JTR Noesis 3TX 3-way mid/high cabinets (133dB sustained output)
JTR 2×18 HO Subwoofers (High Output); 139dB output, 25Hz – 190Hz (+/- 3dB)
QSC PLD4.5 4000-watt amplifiers
QSC PL380 8000-watt amplifiers
RCF TTL-6A column array speakers

Stage monitors and amplifiers
Yamaha DSR112 2-way monitors

EV PL80 vocal
R0de M5 condenser/overheads
Sennheiser e906 instruments
Sennheiser e935 vocal
Shure Beta SM52A kick
Shure Beta SM58A vocal/instruments
Shure Beta SM91A kick
Shure Beta 98AMP drum mics
Shure SM57 instruments
Shure SM58 vocal
Shure SM81 condenser/overheads
Shure Wireless vocal (BLX88/SM58)
Shure Wireless vocal (QLXD/SM58)
Shure Wireless vocal (QLXD/SM58 Beta)
Shure Axient charging/monitoring system
Shure SWB power and antenna distros

DR Pro mic stands
K&M mic stands
Ultimate mic stands
OA Windsor modular stage boxes
Furman power conditioning
K&M low profile mic stands
LiveWire DI boxes
Radial Pro DI boxes
Mogami microphone and speaker cabling
Shy Baffles drum baffles

Recently added – Lighting Services!!!
35x Blizzard LED PAR lights (RGBA, RGBW)
4x Blizzard LED Moving spots with gobos
4x Blizzard LED Moving wash lights
2x ADJ Stinger II multiple effects (laser/gobo)
2x ADJ Quad Phase HP multiple effects
Antari Fazer and Hazer
ADJ Fury Jett Pro Cryo effects
Martin M-PC with M-Touch and M-Play consoles
Global Truss F34 (12″ square) trussing (80-feet)
Global Truss lifts

Please inquire with specific requests or requirements for your upcoming event or show!

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