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Quality partners & vendors

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608 Sound & Light wouldn’t be as good as we are without the support of our wonderful vendors and partners. We are truly fortunate to work with some of the finest people in the industry, and that quality shows in the service we deliver.

We recently took a field-trip to Chicago, IL to pick-up some new speakers from JTR Speakers. JTR produces top-notch, audiophile speakers; you may not have heard of them before, but they are legendary in certain circles. We are truly honored to work with them and to utilize them in our systems.

JTR’s lead engineer and designer has an impressive resume – before starting JTR 10+ years ago, he worked for one of the most innovative and well-respected names in the professional sound industry and was responsible for creating some of the most impressive speakers in use today.

We arrived to the shop in the early evening and were given a demo of the Noesis 3TX mains. They were coupled to a Captivator 118 sub and were powered by a SpeakerPower SP2-4800 amplifier, with zero processing or EQ.

Warehouse Demo of the Neosis 3TX

Warehouse Demo of the Neosis 3TX

We played a demo CD and were instantly impressed. The clarity of the horn-loaded midrange and tweeter were ridiculous. No matter how loud we went with the sound, it remained clear, detailed, and smooth.

After the demo was complete, we were sold. We took some time to snoop around the factory and were wowed by the attention to detail, the quality components, and the impressive designs. Jeff is one incredible guy with an insanely excellent product.

That's a 24" 120+ pound subwoofer prototype...

That’s a 24″ 120+ pound subwoofer prototype…

Some prototype cabinets and designs

Some prototype cabinets and designs

Transporting some new JTR speakers back to our warehouse

Transporting some new JTR speakers back to our warehouse

Again, we are so pleased to be partnered with JTR Speakers. We have some exciting things coming, so stay tuned!