Live Sound and Music in Madison

It has been a busy couple of weeks for 608 Sound and Light. With our recent name change, there has been a lot of behind-the-scenes work to be done… updating our promotional materials, contacting clients and venues, labeling gear, working on the website; the list goes on and on.

Thankfully, we have managed to find time to attend several live sound productions in the Madison area. We really are a lucky group of people – Madison hosts so many wonderful live sound events – from small bands at neighborhood bars to open jams to national (and international) touring acts at larger venues. Madison really is a music-lover’s paradise.

It’s only Wednesday, and we have already attended six live music performances over the past 3 days. Unless you’re living in Nashville or Austin, I doubt you’d be surrounded by so much live music. Heck, we ventured to four different music events on Tuesday, alone! There was the Maximum Ink Magazine Jimmy K show at the Wisco, Onadare at the Malt House on East Wash, The Lower 5th at the Up North Bar, and finally the Open Jam at the Red Zone. Yes, it was a full evening, but it was truly enjoyable and extremely rewarding.

While out and about, we couldn’t help but notice the tremendous support for live music that exists in our community. It’s not easy for venues to host live music – there are logistics to consider, expenses, and countless other variables. The artists don’t have it easy, either – there’s practices, equipment to haul around, time away from the home, and pressure to perform. Support from the audience and community goes a long way and means a lot to everyone involved, so thank you!

And that brings us to our final point – we know how difficult it can be to produce a live music event, and that’s why we are here. 608 Sound and Light can take the pain and hassle out of your next live sound production or music event. We have nearly 30 years of experience with live sound and lighting production in the Madison area. We have an unbelievable arsenal of world-class sound and lighting equipment. Our staff is unbelievably friendly and extremely talented.

If you’re in need of any type of live sound or lighting production service in the Madison area, 608 Sound and Light can help. Give us a shout!

Live Sound and Lighting – 608 Sound and Light

Pro Sound Madison has changed its name and look – we are now 608 Sound & Light. 

Welcome to our new site! Fret not, we are still the same great company that provides the very best live sound service and lighting services for Madison and surrounding cities.

So what’s with the new name and look?

Thanks to you, our truly outstanding clients, partners, and fans, we have grown faster and more wildly than we ever could have imagined. When we made the decision to officially launch our own live sound production company, we never anticipated the demand would be so great and the response so positive. We are so honored and grateful for everyone that has worked with us  – you’ve made us what we are and we couldn’t be any more happy.

With the unexpected positive reception came numerous requests for us to provide live sound and lighting production for festivals of all shapes, sizes and locations. We were regularly being requested to deliver quality sound and amazing lights for events all around Dane County.

After some careful thought, collaboration (and some time with Photoshop), we had ourselves a new identity: 608 Sound and Light.

Along with the new name, we have a ton of equipment enhancements and additions. We are now working solely with JTR Speakers as their performance is truly second to none. The clarity, power, precision, and coverage is unbelievable.

We have transitioned completely to QSC PL380 amplifiers – these amplifiers are incredibly reliable and insanely beefy.

And last but not least, we have greatly expanded our light show and lighting gear to include a total of 8 moving heads (combination of washes, spots, and hybrids), 35 LED PAR lights, 4 LED pixel bars, 2 multiple effects heads including lasers, and a really effective fazer/hazer. The lights greatly enhance performances – we’re extremely pleased with them, and so are the artists and venues we work with.

So… thank you again for all of your support, kind words, repeat business, and interest in what we do. While we will miss the Pro Sound Madison name, we are confident that you’ll find 608 Sound and Light provides incredible live sound and lighting services. Rest assured we are still the same friendly, reliable, professional, and capable sound and lighting production company that you have relied upon over the past year.

Make note of our this new web address (, our new e-mail address (inquiries @ 608soundandlight . com <<-- remove the spaces). Our phone number is the same, as is our staff, our performance, and our capabilities. Let's make 2017 the best year ever for you and your events (festivals, parties, happy hours, corporate events, speaking engagements, dances, and anything that requires quality sound and light production)!!! Cheers and thanks again!!!!