608 Sound & Light is now Allen & Heath dLive certified! We are proud to be a certified operator and provider of legendary Allen & Heath dLive equipment. Our new equipment will ensure your next festival, event, concert, or show an outstanding success!

608 Sound & Light can accommodate all of your live sound production needs in and around the Madison, Wisconsin area. We are industry professionals, with more than 25-years of live sound production experience, and will provide you with the best live sound and lighting available.

Our philosophy is simple: we want you to sound your best, every time. We focus on quality audio. We don’t believe in overpowering your audience; we never push our systems to the limit of the venue, permit, or capability, as that’s not enjoyable for anyone. We believe it is much better for your audience to enjoy and actively participate in your show, rather than seeking protection for their hearing.

We’re more than happy to provide chest-pounding bass and to deliver the sheer energy that your show produces. We’ll just do it in a manner that sounds smooth and clear.

We want your event to run seamlessly and perfectly. Whether it’s a small, intimate event or a large outdoor festival with big live sound and tons of lighting production, we will work to ensure a painless and hassle-free experience. We have run events that featured 13 bands in 12 hours with an audience of several thousand. And, we have run events with a solo performer and 15 people in the audience. We treat every event as though it was our own. We try to go above-and-beyond every time, and we want to leave you and your audience with nothing but positive memories.

Steve Litscher is our lead engineer. Steve began studying live sound reproduction and recording in the late 1980s. He worked with local theater productions and regional music acts for a number of years, and assisted with the engineering of an album that was recorded at Paisley Park Studios. He has since become the resident sound engineer for Kiki’s House of Righteous Music, where he has worked with local, regional, national, and international touring acts. Steve’s attention to detail, genuine concern for quality sound, and easy-going personality make him a required entry on the riders for all of Kiki’s shows.

Tony Anderson and Jeremy Norman provide load-in, load-out, set-up, calibration, artist support, and lighting services. Tony has 20+ years experience as a home restoration specialist and when not helping set-up and configure our systems has been known to jump-in and repair countless items for our clients and artists. Jeremy has 15+ years experience as a touring musician and is endorsed by several well-known instrument manufacturers. Both Tony and Jeremy believe in customer satisfaction and work relentlessly to deliver the best possible experience for our clients, artists, venue owners, and audience members. When you see them working twice as hard as anyone else, and doing it with a smile, be sure to thank them!

Our equipment is tour grade with audiophile quality and clarity. We don’t use plastic, self-powered speakers, or knock-off components. Every piece of our system(s) has been carefully selected and obsessively tested to ensure the best possible experience and outcome for everyone. Whether you’re playing a small club, an intimate theater, or a large outdoor festival, rest assured that we can help you sound your best. There’s a reason that 608 Sound & Light has provided live sound production for Wisconsin-based events and venues that include: AtwoodFest-KidsFest, Next Door Brewing Company, Wisconsin Brewing Company, and more…

Check out our calendar of events and come hear for yourself why we are the best!

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