Thank you for your support.

Effective 2/10/19, 608 Sound and Light will be closing its doors and ceasing all production services.

Any events that were scheduled for 2019 have been canceled by 608 Sound and Light. We have been talking and working with our clients to ensure a smooth transition for them.

We will be selling our entire inventory in the very near future. Please stay tuned and check back for updates – our equipment is very well maintained, very new (all of it is less than 2 years old), and none of our equipment has ever been rented to a third party. It is in pristine condition, and most of it is still under factory warranty.

Thank you again to everyone that we have worked with over the past few years. We truly appreciate you all, and are grateful to have met so many wonderful people. It has been an honor to have served you.

Very best wishes,